Between Us

Between Us, written & conceived by Elizabeth Carter, with original music by Josef Pitura-Riley.

Based on real life experiences, Between Us explores today's desires and influences, the challenges of relationships and a journey to faith.

We started to write Between Us, 5 years ago, when Elizabeth was playing the lead role in a commercial musical here in the UK. She wanted to write a piece of original theatre that could invite women of this generation to question and challenge what it is that they are looking for in their own search for fulfilment and identity.

The theatre audience response to Between Us had been so incredible we were encouraged to find a way to share Between Us with a wider audience outside of the theatrical world. During Lockdown, we decided to re-write Between Us as a 1 hour film which will premiere on Saturday 19th September at 8pm.

The film will be free to watch but donations are welcome if you would like to support the show and it's creators. All contributions to the creative work for Between Us will be equally distributed between Elizabeth and Josef and we would like to say a huge and heart felt "THANK YOU", in advance, for you appreciation of our work and your generosity.